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How does Swif DEP (ADE automated device enrollment) work?
How does Swif DEP (ADE automated device enrollment) work?
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Apple's Device Enrollment Program (DEP) is a service that allows businesses and educational institutions to automate the enrollment of iOS and macOS devices into Mobile Device Management (MDM). DEP streamlines the process of setting up and configuring corporate-owned devices, enabling them to be securely configured and automatically enrolled in the Swif MDM solution over the air. This makes it easy for team administrators to set up and manage a fleet of devices, ensuring that they are properly configured with the necessary security and management policies.

With DEP, team administrators can:

  • Automate the enrollment of devices in the Swif MDM solution during the setup process

  • Pre-configure device settings and app installations

  • Prevent users from removing MDM management from their devices

  • Track the status and location of enrolled devices

With Swif, you can create and manage device configurations, install apps and content, and apply policies to your DEP-enrolled devices.

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