Clear activation lock
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You can go to Device details > Security tab, and click the “Clear activation lock” button to clear the Activation Lock. (if the device didn’t turn on Find My before enrollment).



  • The MacOS, iOS, and iPadOS devices must be supervised.

  • Enable Find My after you enroll the device.

  • For macOS, upgrade to Catalina or later.

  • For macOS, The Mac must have the Apple T2 Security Chip.


  • The activation lock described above was enabled after the enrollment. When enrolling a device in MDM before putting the computer to use, it disables the activation lock unless the MDM explicitly permits it. So the activation lock here means you have either allowed a user-based activation lock or the MDM server has explicitly turned on the device-based activation lock (device-based is available on iOS and iPadOS). For more details, please read

  • During the Swif enrollment app installation, we would detect if the device has Find My enabled and we will inform the user to turn it off first before continuing the enrollment.

  • Swif recommends setting up a policy to notify users to turn off Find My at Policy > Find My policy, the device owner will manually disable Find My and then if they enable Find My again, we will get the new bypass code. This “Clear activation lock” command will be effective too.

  • Swif automatically sends the cleaning activation lock command for every wipe command to make sure the activation lock is cleaned before wiping the device (Only works if the device didn’t turn on Find My before enrollment).

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