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Enabling Windows LAPS with Microsoft Entra ID
Enabling Windows LAPS with Microsoft Entra ID
Updated over a week ago

Per this doc, you can enable LAPS on the Entra ID:

To enable Windows LAPS with Microsoft Entra ID, you must take actions in Microsoft Entra ID and the devices you wish to manage. If your devices are Microsoft Entra joined and use Swif, you can deploy Windows LAPS for Microsoft Entra ID manually. For more information, see the article Configure Windows LAPS policy settings.

  1. Browse to Identity > Devices > Overview > Device settings

  2. Select Yes for the Enable Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS) setting, then select Save. You might also use the Microsoft Graph API Update deviceRegistrationPolicy to complete this task.

  3. Configure a client-side policy and set the BackUpDirectory to Microsoft Entra ID.


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