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How to add (enroll) a macOS device
Updated over a week ago

Where to download the Swif installer for macOS

  1. To add (enroll) a macOS computer you'll have to download and install the Swif app.

  2. Click on Download MacOS app

Note, that you can also send the enrollment instructions to the employee email directly without downloading the agent in the above steps.

Here are the steps for installation of the app:

  1. After the app is downloaded, double-click to open the installer and begin the installation

  2. On the installer, Swif asks the device owner to enter their work email, then it can use this information to automatically assign enrolled devices. If the email is invalid, no assignment will happen.

  3. If you have Find My enabled, please turn it off before continuing. This is to ensure the computer Find My is managed and the admin can disable Find My if necessary to prevent activation locked.

  4. (Optional) For BYOD devices, please ask your admin for the BYOD code which they can get at the admin panel. Otherwise, please select No, not a BYOD device.

  5. Enter your local user password. Swif doesn't need or store your password. This is only for the installation process.

  6. Click Continue and their installation will start

  7. If there is an old MDM profile, we will ask your permission to remove it before we can continue.

  8. Click "OK" to allow the installer to administer your computer to continue the installation.

  9. The Privacy & Security will be automatically opened. If not, go to Privacy & Security and scroll down to the Profiles settings page. Double-click on the Swif profile.

  10. Click Enroll and enter your password to finish the installation.

  11. Congratulations! You are all done.

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