How to add (enroll) a Windows computer
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Where to download the Swif installer for Windows

  1. To add (enroll) a Windows computer you'll have to download and install the Swif app.

  2. Click on Download Windows app

Note, that you can also send the enrollment instructions to the employee email directly without downloading the agent in the above steps.

The important thing to know when installing the Windows app

  1. The Swif app must be installed by a user account with administrator permission. If you are not an Admin user, the installer will ask you to choose an Admin user and enter its password.

  2. Sometimes, you might need to deactivate the antivirus software to continue the installation temporarily.

Here are the steps for installation of the app:

  1. After the app is downloaded, double-click SwifInstaller.msix to start the installation. It would confirm if the user has admin privileges to continue the installation.

  2. Allow this app to make changes to continue the installation.

  3. The installer will be automatically launched and click "Continue".

  4. On the installer, Swif asks the device owner to enter their work email, then it can use this information to automatically assign enrolled devices. If the email is invalid, no assignment will happen.

  5. The description shows you the installer will enroll your device, set up a Swif admin account, and finish the installation. Click "Check" to continue to the next step.

  6. If there is an old MDM profile, we will ask your permission to remove it before we can continue.

  7. Once Continue, the installation is in progress.

  8. Congratulations! You are all done.

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