Deploy Swif app via Intune silently
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  1. Make sure your managed devices show up on the Intune Dashboard on the Microsoft Intune admin center.

    *To enroll a device into Intune is outside of this article's topic. Here is how you can do it. Make sure you have an admin user password when connecting to Intune from the device.

  2. Click the menu item Apps. Then click Add → Select Line of business app.

  3. Upload the MSI app you downloaded from Swif. (Please ask the Swif support team for the MSI app.)

  4. Type Name, Description, and Publisher and click "Next".

  5. Based on your deployment needs, choose the devices or users you want to deploy the Swif app with. Then click "Next".

  6. Review and click "Create"

  7. By default, the Intune agent will install the app within 5 minutes.

  8. If you can access the device, you can speed up the sync process by going to Company Portal from Microsoft Store Apps > Open the Company Portal app. Click on the left bar menu: Settings → Sync. Wait while the system syncs to the Intune server. After the sync is completed, it’ll show a message “Last sync on {DATE} was successful.”

  9. The silent installation will take place within 5 minutes. If it doesn't happen, you can sync it from Intune portal, it will force the device to sync.

  10. Then you can verify Swif Agent Installed by right click from the Windows icon and click Settings → Accounts → Access work or school.

  11. You can check logs in C:\Program Files\Swifteam\log.txt. Or open the PowerShell terminal and then check the scheduler running sc.exe query STService.

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