How to deploy Apple VPP apps
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Apple VPP, or Volume Purchase Program, is a service provided by Apple that allows businesses and educational institutions to purchase macOS, and iOS apps and books in volume and distribute them to their users. The program is designed to support the mass deployment of apps and books, making it much easier for organizations to manage and control the distribution of these resources.

Here's how Apple VPP works:

  1. Purchase: The organization can buy apps and books in volume through the VPP store. They can search for specific apps or books and purchase them in the quantities they need.

  2. Distribution: After purchasing, the organization can distribute the apps and books to their users. They can either assign the apps and books directly to their users' Apple IDs or distribute them via a Swif's Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution.

  3. Management: The organization can also keep track of all the apps and books they've purchased and see how many licenses they have left. If an app is no longer needed, they can revoke and reassign it to another user.

Here's how to connect Apple VPP with Swif

  1. Download the VPP server token

    1. Go to Apple Business Manager and log in.

    2. Click your name at the bottom of the sidebar, click Preferences, then choose Payments & Billing.

    3. Select Apps and Books and scroll down to β€˜Content Tokens’.

    4. Click on the Download button next to your required content token.

  2. Configure VPP account settings

    1. Log in to your Swif

    2. Navigate to Inventory > Applications

    3. Click on the Add Application button.

    4. Enter an Account Name and upload the VPP token file that you downloaded earlier.

    5. Click Save.

  3. Once applications are imported, you can click Install to install applications to devices or groups.


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