[User-Guide] Windows USB policy
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Explore the new feature of creating a USB policy for a Windows device. This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to create and implement this policy.

Start by navigating to the device management area:

Step 1: Open the Policies tab.


Step 2: Select Create a new policy from scratch.

Next, locate the specific policy:

Step 3: Search for "USB" to find the Windows USB policy.

Now, it's time to configure the policy:

Step 4: Find the settings to block the removable disk from the device and select these options.


Step 5: Click Continue and assign the policy to the appropriate devices.

Step 6: Complete the policy creation process.

To ensure the policy works correctly, follow these steps:

Step 7: Remove all USBs before trying to plug them in.


Step 8: Note that the removable disk won't be allowed anymore on the installed device.

That's all there is to creating and implementing a Windows USB policy.

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