Set Up Swif with Deel
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Integrating Swif with Deel could allow you to automatically enroll and configure devices for new employees based on information in Deel. Once you import employees from Deel, you can determine which apps and policies should be applied to a device that is being set up for a new employee.

  1. Log into Swif

  2. Go to the Employee Manager > Add employees > Sync HRIS

  3. Click "Connect New HRIS"

  4. Click "Connect to Deel"

  5. A popup window displaying the Deel authentication process will appear. After logging in and giving permission to the Deel account, the user will be taken back to Swif, and the Deel app integration is complete.

  6. A confirmation popup will appear to show you that Swif is finishing the setup with the Deel app.

  7. After setting up, you can click 'Sync' to sync employees

  8. You can choose Full sync to sync everyone from Deel to Swif.

  9. You can also select individual employees


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