Integrate with Zoom
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Devices empower your teams’ work, and Zoom's integration with Swifteam empowers you – accelerating your productivity regarding onboarding, offboarding, and day-to-day management of employees and their devices. The purpose of Zoom integration is to

  • Automatically create new accounts.

  • Suspend accounts and restrict access.

  • Manage user groups.

To connect, you can follow these steps to set up the integration with Zoom:

  1. Click the Zoom logo to view the detailed integration

  2. Click 'Connect' to start the integration. Make sure the person who connects the app has an Admin role in Zoom. You can check it out here.

  3. Enter your Zoom account with account permission on the Zoom auth page

  4. After the authentication, you will be redirected to Swifteam to finish the connection.

  5. Once the integration is connected, we will be able to manage Slack account access for your employees

To disconnect, you can follow these steps to disconnect the Zoom app:

  1. Find the Zoom integration

  2. Click 'Disconnect' to disable the integration.

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