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Outline of User Authentication Requirements for Swif
Outline of User Authentication Requirements for Swif
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Swif uses Auth0 Universal Login to provide Swif users with a safe and secure experience - no matter whether you choose to provide user ID/password credentials sign in, or Google Login. The Auth0 UI widgets provide out-of-the-box support with regards to internationalization for users with different language requirements, and Auth0 features such as MFA and attack protection to allow Swif to prevent hackers from attempting to access users' accounts.

Allowing Swif users to sign in via user ID/password credentials means that we're not reliant on the status of third-party identity providers for Swif users to access the Swif system. Adding Google login, as an additional primary authentication factor, gives Swif users added flexibility without the need to question them further by leveraging the information already stored by the Google login.

For more details on how Auth0 works, please visit Auth0 B2B authentication.

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