Set up Swif integration with Drata
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Swif's integration with Drata allows you to streamline your security and compliance processes by combining Swif's device management capabilities with Drata's comprehensive security monitoring and compliance tools. This integration enables your organization to achieve and maintain compliance with various security standards, such as SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, and more.

By integrating Swif with Drata, you can:

1. Automate device inventory: Swif's device management capabilities will automatically populate your Drata dashboard with device information, making it easier to maintain an up-to-date inventory of all company devices.

2. Monitor device security: Swif will continuously monitor your devices for security vulnerabilities and compliance gaps, ensuring that your devices are always compliant with your organization's security policies and industry regulations.

3. Streamline onboarding and offboarding: Swif's onboarding and offboarding features ensure that new employees have the necessary devices and access, while also revoking access and securely wiping devices for employees who are leaving the organization. This process is essential for maintaining security and compliance.

4. Simplify compliance audits: By centralizing device information and security metrics in one dashboard, Swif makes it easier to prepare for and pass compliance audits.

5. Enhance overall security: The combined power of Swif and Drata helps your organization proactively address security threats, strengthen your security posture, and maintain compliance with industry standards.

In summary, Swif's integration with Drata streamlines security and compliance management by automating device inventory, monitoring security, and simplifying onboarding and offboarding processes. This integration empowers organizations to achieve and maintain compliance with various security standards, ultimately enhancing overall security and reducing the risk of breaches.

Here is the list of data we are sending to Drata:

  1. Devices with assigned owners

  2. For each device owner, we will upload the following evidence to the personnel

    1. Disk Encryption (type: HARD_DRIVE_ENCRYPTION_EVIDENCE):

      1. MacOS: FileVault policy on Swif

      2. Windows: Bitlocker policy on Swif

    2. OS update (type: AUTO_UPDATES_EVIDENCE):

      1. MacOS: Mac's Software Update policy on Swif

      2. Windows: Windows Software Update policy on Swif

    3. Password policy (type: PASSWORD_EVIDENCE) (Coming soon)

    4. Screensaver policy (type: LOCK_SCREEN_EVIDENCE):

      1. MacOS: Screen saver policy on Swif

      2. Windows: Windows power policy on Swif

    5. App blocking policy (type: APPLICATION_BLOCK_POLICY) (Coming soon)

    6. Antivirus installation (type: ANTIVIRUS_EVIDENCE)

    7. Password manager installation (type: PASSWORD_MANAGER_EVIDENCE)

  3. When utilizing Swif for computer wiping, it's possible to download Media Disposal evidence. This evidence can then be conveniently uploaded to Drata for record-keeping and auditing purposes. It provides a clear and auditable trail of device disposal, which is crucial for data privacy and security.

To connect, you can follow these steps to set up the integration with Drata:

  1. Go to and click your name on the bottom left and then click Settings > API keys

  2. Create a new API key

  3. Type name: For Swif,

  4. Choose Expiration: Never expires, and Custom scope

  5. Select the following permission

    1. Personnel: Read-only for all except device compliance requires write access (Purpose: Download all active personnel (employees) from Drata to match with device owners and Upload the policy evidence by personnel ID)

    2. Assets: Full access (Purpose: Sync organization-owned devices to Drata)

    3. Workspaces: Read-only for listing workspaces (Purpose: Select which workspace to push data to)

    4. Evidence: Full access (Purpose: Sync device related evidence to Drata)

  6. Copy the newly generated API key and paste it into Swif.

  7. Congratulations, you are done! Swif will sync data hourly to Drata.

    1. Swif will now sync the following devices to your Drata application.

      1. The device type is Laptop or Desktop

      2. OS is macOS or Windows

      3. Has current owner (Assigned devices only)

      4. Status is ACTIVE

      5. It's Enrolled

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