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BYOD per compliance requirement
Updated over a week ago

Here are the items for BYOD devices per compliance requirements.

  1. Devices

    1. User accounts: When was the last login timestamp for each account

    2. Disk encrypted or not

    3. Managed by MDM or not

  2. OS update:

    1. If OS updates are automatically installed

  3. Password policy:

    1. The minimum length of password requirement

  4. Screensaver policy:

    1. If Screen Saver requires a password to log back in

    2. If Screen saver turns on after some duration

  5. Installed applications: this can be used to detect Antivirus installation and password manager installation on a device.

  6. Avast Antivirus: this is a free antivirus tool and you should give suitable permissions to Avast

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